HERE IT IS FOLKS!  the 2 Day Line up.  Also just announced are the additions of the Faint & Glass Candy.  Reblog this with the Hash Tag “FYF FEST” and you might find yourself the lucky recipient of a pair of Weekend Passes.  Get Ready to get your dancing shoes dusty!  Help spread the word!



HERE IT IS FOLKS!  the 2 Day Line up.  Also just announced are the additions of the Faint & Glass Candy.  Reblog this with the Hash Tag “FYF FEST” and you might find yourself the lucky recipient of a pair of Weekend Passes.  Get Ready to get your dancing shoes dusty!  Help spread the word!


I’ve never been one for popping pills. But after having my wisdom teeth removed last Thursday I can boldly say it is no wonder people get addicted to shit like Vicodin. Those are some powerful drugs my friends—the kind it’s probably best not to mess with. Though if you do, I highly recommend CVS’s generic brand that costs around three dollars a bottle. Same job for an affordable price.


Pause for rage from M.A.S.S. (Moms Against Sarcastic Storytelling)

But let’s not talk about the side effects and potential harm pills can cause. It’s a total downer and Wikipedia can fill you in on those details (I know—that’s where I went for all my scientific college drug research). What Wikipedia
can’t give you though is an enlightening outline of:



(With bonus “Wisdom Take-Aways” at the end)

Thursday Morning Before the Operation:

I told myself I probably wasn’t going to take the meds the dentist prescribed me. I’m a tough girl, after all.


Thursday Morning After the Operation:




-That tough girl tune quickly changed as my mother dragged me out of the dentist’s office and drove me to the CVS Pharmacy. ‘Um pharmacist man, could you maybe sneak a few more of those bad boys in this here bottle because I’m pretty sure I’m chewing on bloody gauze I originally thought was bubblegum.’


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My friend Daren, aka urban sprawls, and I made a silly little video a few months ago.  Then this happened:

"That was so fun! We should make another one."
"I’m moving to Chile for six months."

But, alas, Sprawls’ Chilean Instagrams have kept me well entertained, so no disappointment do I bear. Only optimism for the future. That being said, upon his triumphant return at the end of the year I do so hope I shall have more to post. Two thousand thirteen, I’m lookin’ at you.

Apparently Google wants to eliminate human interaction altogether with “Hangouts in Gmail.”Now you can video chat nine people all at the same time.Pause for awkward silence/confusion.
I don’t care how technologically advanced we get, you’re gonna have to come over to my house to play Jenga. Just sayin’

Apparently Google wants to eliminate human interaction altogether with “Hangouts in Gmail.”
Now you can video chat nine people all at the same time.

Pause for awkward silence/confusion.

I don’t care how technologically advanced we get, you’re gonna have to come over to my house to play Jenga. Just sayin’

I watch the overhead lights
back and forth

like they can’t decide
whose side
they are on.

The wind hits my face
I feel pale
and small
and beautiful.
“Bye kid.”

We hug and
I walk down the
hot black pavement

It’s silent

I picture you walking back up the driveway
but I won’t look back

I imagine you looking back at me
but I won’t look back.

I’m too afraid you won’t, so I don’t either.

And then I’m gone.

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"The pages." you say.

They keep you up
but I sneak the book next to me

I turn the next page
ever so delicately

You turn over and
glance at me
I give you a look

I don’t want to leave

It’s quiet

You turn over again and
try to fall asleep

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if it’s a funeral…..let’s have the best funeral ever


Photo Credit: shutupandplaythehits.com

I turned my car on and immediately pressed the “OFF” button on the stereo. I wanted silence. There’s a first. I’m usually the girl whose windows are down and stereo too loud. But driving home after seeing Shut Up and Play the Hits was different. I felt calm. At ease. I had just seen something incredibly emotional and yet incredibly ordinary. And life felt….right.


James Murphy is a cool dude, no doubt about that. And I’ve always enjoyed LCD Soundsystem. But after watching the beautifully cut trailer numerous times for Shut Up and Play the Hits, I knew I had to go see this documentary.


Jumping back and forth in time the film details the final show LCD played in Madison Square Garden, the telling and honest interview Murphy gives Chuck Klosterman a week before as well as a glimpse into James Murphy’s life the day after the show or, what I’ve titled, “A Day in the New Life of James Murphy.”  


Though I’m just a fan sitting on the bleachers when it comes to LCD Soundsystem, this movie still toyed with my heartstrings. I was struck with feelings of joy, sadness, excitement and reflection throughout the whole piece. It was incredibly moving to watch this band—this band that so many had believed in, that so many looked up to end their career so decidedly. And then to see the reality that rockstars (whatever that word may mean to you) are just people trying to figure their shit out too.


Watching the final performance was equally as intriguing as the interview and moments with Murphy. There was something comforting in seeing LCD on stage—they seemed more like a family than a gang of friends. And when the camera panned to members on stage looking at each other, you saw the silent conversations they were having that we the audience would and will never understand. And the feelings they shared knowing that was the end.


In talking to Klosterman, Murphy admitted that LCD was never supposed to go on forever and really, it all made sense. The end seemed fitting and I was happy that Murphy was able to walk away and begin a new chapter of his life. And yet at the same time, as Murphy broke down alone backstage surrounded by gear, it was depressing as hell to watch the end.


I could go on about this film but this scattered brain is doing this documentary no justice. But it is definitely something worth checking out.  Like I’ve been telling my friends, it’s not like watching some band doc. It’s watching the honest realities that come with walking into the unknown future—a reality that we, just like James Murphy, have to face ourselves.


And it is gut wrenching to hear Murphy admit the greatest failure of the band may be ending too soon. It’s the painful uncertainty we’re all struck with. The decisions we have to make in our own lives—to walk away from something wonderful or someone great in order to move on. Hoping that one day you will be able to say, “But really, it was for the best.”


Photo Credit: cultureaddicts.com

At first I thought ‘why did they choose that name?’ And then I made a note I was going to try to find the answer to my question in an interview. Then I decided I didn’t want to know.

I’m finding as time goes on that sometimes things are better left unknown. For there is much intrigue in mystery. Let’s be clear I’m imagining Gandalf when I type this, otherwise I just sound like a pretentious idiot.

Anyway, that was probably two months ago when I tuned in to the whispers about this new band Purity Ring. Then I forgot about them again, or at least I stopped trying to listen. Not for any other reason but that this past year I’ve been a bit lackluster in my new music searches. I suppose I’ve been fortunate enough to sit in an office next to a music coordinator making things a lot easier. She plays new stuff and if I’m into it, I just ask her whom she was playing. Easy as pie.

This would be the part where I tell you I heard Purity Ring from her office and was caught in a state of wonder and joy, but ha! That’s not what happened. It seems the fool has fooled the fooler, hasn’t she?

No, no. That can’t be right. Moving on.

As I mentioned before I heard about Purity Ring a few months ago and ever since have been reading their name all over the internet; all the while catching up on books and giving a general “who-ha whatever” to the music scene. But eventually I caved to the ways of the Internet tubes and decided to have a listen at their Myspace while I cleaned my room—it seems I was days too late for the NPR stream. Fortunately, their Myspace had five songs for me to check out and let me just say, cleaning out my closet on a Friday night at 11pm got a whole lot more awesome. Before I knew it I was folding shirts and doing “The Matrix” with my body like nobody’s business.*

Straight away I was drawn in by the syncopated rhythms and lead singer Megan James’ voice. Holy crapoli. It was and is hauntingly exhilarating. After the fifth song ended and MySpace decided to play MySpace Radio Mix I hurriedly Matrixed over to my laptop to restart the five songs again. I did this over the course of the next three hours and I can safely say my closet has never been so organized and awesome looking. I’d show you a picture but, where’s the mystery in that? Heh. See what I did there?

But enough about my sick dance moves and sicker cleaning skills. I was so happily surprised and excited by this album I went out and bought it at Amoeba the very next day. There was no question, I needed those other six songs like a ten-year-old needs two quarters to get the duck out of the claw machine at Denny’s.

So here I sit currently, at my desk, bobbing my head with my CVS headphones in listening to this great record. I just can’t help but move when I listen. I feel something with this music and it is great. It’s chilling and mysterious the way I like to think life is. Oh, Lindsay, you’re just being silly now.

Yes, yes I am. But what’s wrong with a little silly? Life’s too short.

And so is this album. If I could have it my way, there’d be fifty songs on here. But I suppose that’s asking a lot. Repeat all in iTunes will just have to do.  I’m going to lay on my bed now and listen to the album again. Update to follow in a few hours when I read what I’ve just written and roll my eyes at myself.

Hours Later Update:

I only rolled my eyes once.
Record is still awesome.
Closet still fantastically clean.

Listen to Purity Ring’s Shrines.


*The Matrix—That infamous move where Keanu bends the top half of his body backwards. I haven’t actually ever seen The Matrix – I know, I know – but I’ve seen it reenacted enough times to know that is definitely the way you want to groove out to sweet tunes.


So I’m a little behind on finding this gem but I’m here to share with anyone else also not up on Samuel Jackson’s activities.

To be fair I didn’t actually find this but rather my good friend Brian showed me the vid after I recently told him I’d heard this new Nicki Minaj “Beez in the Trap” song in an Urban Outfitters and well…really dug it. 

Somethin’ about that beat. I beez in the trap! beez beez in the trap! According to my popstar-obsessed friend Matt it’s about Ms. Minaj being in the trap of the business with money?

Eh. It’s over my head. But I still like the song and this ten-minute loop slays me.

Actual Nicki video and song here:

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