At a mere 17-years-old fearless KITTEN front woman Chloe Chaidez is about to show the world that girls rule and good music still exists.


Already signed to Atlantic Records, KITTEN’s second EP Cut It Out is set to be released on August 28th and let me just say, it does not disappoint. This time around the band has taken their indie rock and Brit pop influences and added expansive synths and electronic elements that will have you oozing with pleasure.

Check out the official video for new single “Cut It Out.”

leave the lights on/you’re all I see…lit and wasted/you’re all I need slays me every time.

Plus(!) my new favorite—“Japanese Eyes,” the second single from Cut It Out that you can download from soundcloud.

KITTEN - Japanese Eyes by kittentheband


Okay, so you’re digging the jams, right? Purrrfect. (Yes, I am aware I just made a ridiculous kitten pun, but I’ve had five cups of coffee today so just go with me on this.) So before KITTEN blows up, I strongly encourage you to go see them in an intimate setting.

Lucky for you, they’re playing a FREE month-long residency every Monday in September at the Bootleg Theater in Echo Park.  And I know, you’re probably wondering if you really need to see this band. But the answer is simple:

Yes. Yes you do.

Because a KITTEN show is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. At least not in recent pop-produced times of timid indie rockers and sequined teeny boppers. Rather, KITTEN is a mesmerizing talent that already has jaws dropping.

A former gymnast, Chloe uses the stage as her never-ending exercise floor. Jumping off 18-foot amplifiers, walking across the stage on her hands and writhing around on the ground with no inhibitions—there’s nothing this girl cannot and does not do. Oh yeah, and all the while singing her heart out.

The first time you see them is one of those moments—like when you saw Transformers and Megan Fox slithered into focus and you thought ‘who is that girl?!’ Or at least, that’s what the guys behind me whispered. But I too knew that girl was going to be big. And just like Miss Fox who proceeded to take over Hollywood, Chloe Chaidez is going to reign the music scene.

So mark those calendars and come say hi to me at the show.

I will be there shaking my tail feather.

KITTEN LINKAGE - Plus two free downloads off the EP. Boom. - Has a ton of great old demos, perhaps for groovin’ midday when you call in sick to work. (Promise I won’t tell)

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